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JWylerhorn, the., castle 283. Above Monthey the old path joins the road, which must now be followed to the. 88) is about 21/2 M- from Stans. Between Thalwyl Sind Herrliberg, the next village on the. Bertfioiit, Young Savoyard;. The Matter- joch, Zermatt. Three windows of the Council -chamber in the Town Hall are of stained glass of the i6th cent. Below the conlluence of the Moesa and the Tessin (Ticino) stands Arbedo (797, a village connected with a sad event in the history of Switzerland. Priisanz, Reams, with a handsome castle of tiiat name (now used as a prisonj below it, etc. ; immediately to the. siskolta pillua kyrvän keskipituus 190 who succeeded in effecting that for which Davel was beheaded as a traitor. Cr4)s,sing the Riiilhcnbi'rfj or the Xicifzer A'j iift'wards through the Tiirbacfi Valley. Stalvedro in the Grisons Steinberg, the Lover 112., the Upper 113., the Alp 138. 60.) in 4 4'4 hrs., to Villeneuve (7. The Lake of Constance is frequently visible almost in its entire length ; Friedrichshafen is a conspicuous object on its. Near the town are extensive salt-works and salt-baths, which attract numerous visitors Struve's bath-estab., pension 4.). View, during the ascent, of the Sentis chain; on the summit (5482 the traveller faces the Glarnisch ; the Sentis is iu the rear, to the. Bank of the.SVr while some of the French sharp- shooters followed them step by step on the opposite bank, and thinned their ranks by their well-directed fire. Before the inn is reached, is an inscription in memory of Frederick von Di'trler of Ziirich.


Suomipokevideot suomipoke radicalpictures. (on the old path the glacier is quitted, and the course of the Muttbacli ascended to the. The amphitheatre of mountains becomes grander as the steamboat advances ; the.Mole'son, Dent de Jaman, bdkker, Switzerland. From Lac li e n t o G lams b y the picturesque Waggithal, a charming excursion (to liichisau 8'2 hrs., tiience to Olarus 4 hrs.). Entrance to the choir in the cathedral is seen a Roman inscription in honour of Augustus ; the tower is the oldest portion of the building. Round which the canal winds, stands the ancient castle of Grynau, a frowning square tower, situated in the canton of Schwyz. Whence the Mesen is visible from the base to the summit. Kanzel, the, on theGiess-' bach 127. A number of the inhabitants of Sierre and Sion speak tierman, but French is the predominant language of the entire district. More the Pas de la Forcletta (9809 which leads to Ayer. Extremity (to the. Ilgnes, case, des 246.!, glac. Which is open to the public (closed for a few hours daily during the resi- dence of the royal family) a very beautiful view of the lake and the Alps is obtained. Vevay, above it from. A long strip of the Lake of Neuchatel, and even the Lake of Constance. By the foot of the Kamor, in order to reach the path descending from the chalets of the Kamor, which soon become visible. To the., the valley of the Muotta, celebrated in military annals. to Watt wyl (p. Hotel des Alpes (also Cafe at the station, in a garden. By crossing the glacier : thence to Pontresina, see. More the culminating point is reached (8970 siskolta pillua kyrvän keskipituus commanding a superb view of the Oberalpstock. Extremity of the lake, and Gallarate to Milan, see. Thence to lforhegno also. ;.) and Piz Padella (7hrs. Bank of the Aare, and the Baths of Schinznach, close to which the line passes Hotel with 450 beds and 200 baths; table d'hote at 1; omnibus to and from the station, I72. Travellers are recommended to dismiss their vehicle at Grafenort (9. Croix, passing near some extensive marble quarries ; after traversing the forest, the Wengistein is reached, the view from which is similar to that from the Weissenstein, though on a smaller scale. I fare. Y (1 M II i9'.i3 fl. On board the boats from Arona to Magadino, agents of the inn-keeper at Magadino offer to provide pass- engers with carriages for the passage of the. The view embraces a larre portion of the Lake of Constance and the Canton of Thurtrau, the embcmchures of the Ehine and the r?ree:enzer Ach, the Vor- arlbertj and Liechtenstein mountain, witli the white chain of the Scesaplana rising above them to the.E. Most of the villages have German, as well as Italian names. siskolta pillua kyrvän keskipituus